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Spinning Top Education

We are Spinning top education we pride ourselves on delivering the very best in educational assembles with a magical twist. We work hard to make our shows, workshops, products and programs as engaging as possible this way the message will last in the children’s minds forever.

We always update our shows to work alongside the issues that the schools are facing all our show creators have worked in schools or for outside intervention companies so we fully understand the types of social and emotional subjects that arise.

All our staff are DBS checked and we are fully insured.

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What Makes Our Shows Different?

Imagine an assembly program that will inspire all your students to become the best that they can be!

What makes our shows different from all the other school assemblies? We’re glad you asked When have you seen the excitement, energy, and visual appeal of a Las Vegas-style show that gets TONS of students onstage, participating to excite the entire audience about making super positive changes and how they can help others.

How to deal with bullying and the power of yet. After the show, the students will rush out to put everything they learn into practice. It won't be over then! You will see the continued passion for helping others and promoting a positive mindset you will hear newfound confidence in your students.

Captain Mindfulness and the Key to Positivity

The children have all been invited to Captain Mindfulness’s secret layer. Here he will talk to them all about how they can all have superpowers using their thoughts in a positive way.

Capt Mindfulness will demonstrate ways to create a good growth mindset, the effects of bullying and what you can do to stop it. He will show you ways on not giving up when things seem hard and the power of yet all these lessons will all have a magical twist helping to cement the message forever.

You will love how fun and easy we make it to host one of our programs. After calling to book your date you can sit back and relax letting us take care of everything. We pride ourselves on being the easiest and most enjoyable assembly you’ll have!

Key Points of the Show

  • Anti-bullying
  • Mental health and what we can do to help
  • Growth mindset
  • The power of yet
  • Not giving up
  • Confidence building

What’s included?

  1. Full-colour posters are sent to your school 30 days prior to our performances building excitement among the teachers and students.
  2. Themed backdrop we will turn your hall into the theatre giving it the wow factor.
  3. Prizes will be given out throughout the show.
  4. All the students will get a certificate.

Make Your Booking Today

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